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Der Schlüssel zum Erfolg ist die Integration von Dienstleistungen und Investitionen. Erfolgreiches Outsourcing ist meist abhängig von einer erfolgreichen Beziehung mit dem idealen Partner, der die Fähigkeit, die Kompetenz und die Einbeziehung hat, die gewünschten Ergebnisse zu liefern. Veolia kann anhand von Beispielen den Erfolg bei der Realisierung komplexer Projekte beweisen.


Arla Foods is one of the world’s largest dairy companies.

At the company’s plant in Vimmerby, milk powder is produced. Veolia assists Arla in reducing the plant’s energy use and minimising its CO2 emissions. 
Veolia is responsible for the energy supply in the shape of steam or heat as well as for operation and maintenance of the equipment that is necessary to produce refrigeration, electricity and compressed air for the plant. The agreement includes, together with Arla, developing and optimising the energy supply in order to reduce costs and the plant’s environmental impact.

Tom Andersen
Factory Director for Arla Foods in Vimmerby. 

"Milk is our core undertaking, and now we can focus on what we do best. Veolia excels in energy issues and has the right resources for that."


Goals regarding environmental impact and cost savings fulfilled after 2.5 years.

Energy savings after 2.5 years, - 22 GWh. 
The goal was 8 GWh.

44% reduction in NOx emissions (mg/MJ)